Friday, July 22, 2011

Vigili del fuoco!!! The fire brigade…

We set out for adventure from the start and each day refuses to disappoint us… This morning the kids and I set out to climb two of the town’s most significant towers Torre delle ore (time tower) and torre giunigi (a tower with some ancient trees on top).  Again …..all three kids got themselves all the way up and down by themselves….it is such a beautiful thing to see their jubilation on reaching the top and seeing just how far up they have climbed (especially when they are rewarded with a lolly at the top ;-)
Our siesta was warmly welcomed and after a feast of local delicacies for lunch we hit the sack with conviction!  In the afternoon, it was arranged to meet up with our land lady, to go through yet more official paperwork…. Instead we diverted and met up with her daughter and three grandchildren. The oldest grandchild is just 7 days younger then Gabby. All of the children got along famously… the two oldest were teaching each other how to say things in Italian and English…. They even angled off into Spanish at one stage ….very cute to see. Children are wonderful how they can mingle regardless of language barriers….
We continued to meaner through the streets meeting a pet turtle family in a very stylish ladies fashion boutique, eating everything that temped our taste buds…. Strawberry gelati (wild strawberry’s from the woods nearby), focaccia……and just as Gabby was starting to feel left out not being able to have the regular focaccia, just around the corner we found a pizzeria with some chickpea flour focaccia just out of the oven….she was in heaven and I was happy to continue my focaccia guilt free. J
After a long afternoon rambling through the streets with our warm welcoming land lady and family we were starting to make tracks back to the apartment when Ceci called saying the key was stuck in the front door and she couldn’t get in…. we got home shortly after to see that this key was going nowhere. After an attempt with WD-40 (love it when the same stuff is available here- who would have thought..WD40) we knew the solution was well and truly beyond us! Luckily my land lady was still with us, profusely apologizing the whole time,  but she knew exactly what to do….. call the fire brigade!! The Vigili del fuoco came to our rescue, about 6 men to be precise! Running up our stairs, banging on our door…ultimately using a mobile crane to get through the boys window to get inside.  In the end they had to chip away the mortar surrounding the lock to open the door…. In the mean time we became friends with  a really nice couple next door with a little toddler. The kids were happy raiding their new friends toy stash and being pampered by the mamma.
So all in all an adventurous day with challenges providing positive outcome and new discoveries…. Fragola (strawberry) gelato, ceci (chickpea) focaccia, and new friends next door…..
Who knows what tomorrow could possibly bring J


  1. Loving hearing your adventures, Bron! Keep them coming as it's like a slice of Italy here in sunny Bulimba xxx

  2. cant wait each day to hear about your adventures bron
    have to comment by anonymous as cant do it any other way
    julie dav xx