Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The walls...

Well another great sunny happy day here in Lucca.. This morning I spent the morning with my land lady making an attempt to apply for my "permission to stay"... This was my first "Wall" of the day... the italian bureaucracy has not disappointed!  I was warned... I listened... therefore, I am not discouraged:-) I am in no hurry after all, I am here for 6 months!!!!
Bureaucracy is not one of my strong points, so I decided to attempt another wall... the historical wall of Lucca. This was much more enjoyable! After a much deserved siesta, Ceci, the kids and I took some bikes and scooters and hit the wall - it a good way! The wall around the centro storico (historical centre) is 4.2 km long and is not just completely in tact but absolutely stunning. Tree lined, dappled with children's parks, cafes, gelati stops this wall is no ordinary ride. The afternoon was screaming out for us to explore.. and explore we did! There was so much to see and take in along the way, a feast for us all to absorb. The stamina of the children continues to astound me.. not only did we encompass the city walls twice, Gabby and Malachy had climbed 2 towers, walked for 2.5hours then topped it all off with a big bike ride this afternoon.... Needless to say tonights bedtime was a piece of cake ;-)

After the bike ride we rambled through the ancient streets to our home.... the beauty of these surrounds is an involuntary response, I can see that the children and I are in utterly enchanted by this town - she has us under her spell.....


  1. Bron wow!! Luca looks amazing and I so love technology and how it almost feels like we are joining you all on your adventures!! Glad to hear (and see) you all enjoying lovely Luca! Love Karen, Ella, Gracie & Brian X

  2. i am wishing i was there
    julie xxx

  3. It' looks amazing bron!!...i feel like i'm watching a movie!!....we are very happy that you are happy my friend!!!,,,big hugs from the chanchos family xoxo

  4. Grazie amici per l'incoraggiamento!!! I think of you all, this journey is not just mine but those beautiful people in my life who have provided, friendship, support, inspiration and love over the years... i am so happy ..